Bridge & Bridge Deck Testing
Bridge and bridge deck testing determines the dynamic strength of concrete and identifies areas of weak, delaminated concrete...
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Sonic / Ultrasonic Inspection
Sonic / Ultrasonic inspection identifies the presence of cracking, voiding or weaker strength concrete...
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Concrete Pipe Testing
PCCP, RCP and PCP concrete water and waste water pipes installed in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s are at or beyond their design lives....
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Building Testing
Building Testing assists engineers to design the renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings or quality assurance of building techniques and materials for new buildings....
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Railroad Cross Tie Testing
Regular testing of concrete railroad cross ties is critical to the safe operation of a high speed rail system....
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Tunnel Testing
We evaluate the condition and integrity and determine as built details of tunnel liners as well as accessing for voiding and water entrapment behind the liner...
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Tower Testing
New regulations require tower owners to know what type of foundation each of their towers have before upgrading or adding antennas...
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Wall Testing
We determine as-built thickness and reinforcing of existing concrete and masonry walls and abutments...
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Concrete Tank Inspection
NDT uses sonic and ultrasonic measurements to determine the average concrete strength, identify locations with internal cracking and delamination...
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Testing Concrete or Earthen Dams & Dikes
Inspections of concrete and earthen dams, dikes and spillways require testing to evaluate for leakage paths, soil settlement/voiding, or weakened deteriorated concrete....
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Piles & Drill Shaft Testing
Rehabilitating marine structures or designing new buildings or bridges using existing foundations requires testing to determine the length of existing piles, footings and drill shafts....
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Soil & Bedrock Testing
Pipeline design, pipe jacking, directional drilling and foundation studies require detailed subsurface soil and bedrock testing...
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Seismic Refraction Profiling
Seismic refraction profiles soil layers on top of bedrock and identifies sinkholes, potential landslides and embankment failures...
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Anchor Rod & Bolt Inspection
NDT uses ultrasonic testing to determine anchor rod lengths; whether anchor rods are straight or bent; and to detect flaws in the anchor rods and bolts...
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Steel I-Beam Dimensions
NDT uses ultrasonic measurements to determine the length and thickness of a steel I-beam’s web and flanges...
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We specialize in non-destructive testing and analysis.

NDT Corporation provides nondestructive and geophysical testing services for engineering projects. Since our founding in 1994 NDT Corporation has completed over 700 projects in every region of the United States. Our projects range in scope from a few hours of testing with phone technique to months of testing with multiple methods for clients including owners, engineers, contractors, state and local municipalities.

Please contact us and let us tell you more about our company and the many services we can provide.

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