Tunnel Testing

NDT uses nondestructive testing methods to evaluate the condition and integrity and determine as-built details of tunnel liners, as well as, assessing for voiding and water entrapment behind the liner. Our tunnel testing experience includes: highway, railway, subway, and water convenience tunnels. This experience includes tunnels with concrete, brick, and wood liners. We use sonic/ultrasonic testing methods to determine the dynamic strength, thickness and to identify weak areas due to internal flaws such as cracking, delamination, and honeycombing of the concrete. We use GPR in testing to determine number of layers of reinforcing, reinforcing spacing and depth of cover, areas of moisture/water entrapment, as well liner thicknesses and behind the liner voiding and moisture entrapment.


  • Construction Inspection Liner Thickness
    Subway Tunnel
    New York, NY
  • Soil Infiltration, Subsidence & Liner Condition Assessment
    Outfall Tunnel
  • Void Size Between Wood Liner & Rock
    Edwards/Sunset Tunnel
    Portland, OR

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