Steel I-Beam Dimensions

NDT uses ultrasonic measurements to determine the length and thickness of a steel I-beam’s web and flanges. These measurements are critical factors in determining the structural capacity of a beam in a building or bridge structure. Often steel I-beams are embedded in concrete on a bridge or behind finished ceilings, walls or floors in a building. NDT technicians use GPR to identify critical locations and drill small holes in the structure to enable access for ultrasonic transducers to measure I-beam dimensions.

Our testing data are used to determine critical dimensions of steel I-beams in structures including:

  • Support beams for commercial construction
  • Support columns for elevated trollies and people movers
  • Mezzanines and platforms
  • Bridges

We also test for:

  • Condition of concrete walls, floor and roll slabs
  • As-built thickness and reinforcing of concrete and masonry walls and abutments
  • Foundation conditions-pile lengths, location of piles and piles caps


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