Piles & Drill Shaft Testing

Rehabilitating marine structures or designing new buildings or bridges using existing foundations requires testing to determine the length of existing piles, footings and drill shafts. Our pile testing experience includes timber, pre-cast concrete, auger cast, sheet, and pipe and “H” piles. If pile tops are exposed NDT uses reflected compressional waves to determine their length. The length of steel pipe piles, sheeting and “H” piles can also be determined by using a nearby boring and magnetic measurements.

NDT performs quality assurance testing of drill shafts with cross hole measurements, however there are occasions when cross hole measurements tubes are not available. In these cases we use sonic/ultrasonic reflection testing to determine the length of piles and verify the integrity and construction length of drill shafts.


  • Timber and Pipe Pile Length
    Motiva Docks
    Providence, RI
  • Sheet Pile Length
    Building Site
    Miami Beach, FL
  • Pipe Pile Length
    Brooklyn Bridge
    Manhattan Approach
  • Sheet Pile Length
    Upper Lewis River Bridge
    Beluga, AK
  • QA of Drill Shafts
    Central Artery Project
    Boston, MA
  • QA of Auger Cast Piles
    St. Charles Station Casino
    St. Louis, MO

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