Building Testing

NDT uses nondestructive testing results to assist engineers design the renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings or quality assurance of building techniques and materials for new buildings. We use sonic/ultrasonic pulse velocity data to determine the integrity/strength of concrete floor and wall slabs and identify internal honey combing, cracking and voiding. These results with GPR data indicating reinforcing layers, spacing and depth of cover provide building engineers and inspector with the data they need to make a comprehensive evaluation of their building structural integrity. If reinforcing corrosion is a concern, NDT will conduct half-cell measurements. Our experience includes parking garages, high rise buildings, building roofs and floor slabs.


  • Construction Inspection
    Atlantic City, NJ
  • Locate Electrical Conduits
    Logan International Airport
    Boston, MA
  • Deck Condition Assessment
    Parking Garage
    Framingham, MA
  • Locate Sub-floor Structural Beams
    South Bay Mall
    Boston, MA
  • Locate Electrical Conduits for Window Washer Hanger Installation
    Apartment Building
    Providence, RI

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