Anchor Rod & Bolt Inspection

NDT uses ultrasonic testing to determine anchor rod lengths; whether anchor rods are straight or bent; and to detect flaws in the anchor rods and bolts. Sign, signal, and lighting structures utilize large anchor rods to provide attachment of the structure to their foundations. These structures are subject to large forces from wind and gravity – particularly cantilever structures – that are transmitted directly to their foundation carried through the anchor rod group. The inspection of roadway signs, light poles and traffic signals requires an assessment of the length, configuration and condition of anchor rods and bolts.

Our testing data are used to evaluate the integrity and condition anchor rods and bolts for structures including:

  • Sign Bridges
  • Traffic Signal Monotubes/Poles
  • High Mast Lighting Poles
  • Cantilever Signs
  • Mast Arms
  • Signal Supports

We also test for:

  • Concrete footings and exposed pads to determine the reinforcing spacing and depth of cover
  • Depth of exposed drilled shaft tower footings
  • Depth of bedrock at footing locations
  • Soil & Bedrock Compressional & Shear Velocity Values for Earthquake Analysis


  • Foundation Type & Depth
    Cell Tower
    James City, VA
  • Foundation Type & Depth
    Communication Tower
    East Windsor, CT
  • Soil Shear Modulus for Foundation Design
    Wind Turbine Tower
    Chateaugay, NY

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