Tomographic Imaging

NDT uses compressional wave velocity tomography to construct 2- or 3-dimensional cross-section (slices) of the measured compressional waves through the interior of a concrete structure. We use these tomograms to locate and qualify local high- and low-velocity anomalies, which can be indicative of/or associated with fracture zones, cracking, honeycombing, low strength concrete, and or voiding. The best results for this technique are obtained by numerous individual measurements with crossing wave-paths.

NDT obtains field recordings by positioning sensors on one side of a concrete structure and generating a signal with a projectile impact at multiple locations (independently) on opposing sides of the structure. This procedure is repeated switching the sensor array and energy source to the opposing side of the structure until multiple crossing signal wave paths have been obtained for the area of interest.


  • Condition Assessment
    Coffer Dam
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    Paducah, KY
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    Rainbow Dam
    Windsor, CT
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    Repair Bridge & Pier
    Riverside Drive
    New York, NY

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