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NDT Corporation provides nondestructive and geophysical testing services for engineering projects. Since our founding in 1994 NDT Corporation has completed over 700 projects in every region of the United States. Our projects range in scope from a few hours of testing with phone technique to months of testing with multiple methods for clients including owners, engineers, contractors, state and local municipalities.

Our Geophysical testing provide an efficient means of assessing soil and bedrock conditions over large areas. We minimize an engineer’s risk by providing continuous data between borings to profile and categorize soil and bedrock and to identify sinkholes/subsidence, shear zones and voiding.

Our nondestructive testing provides a documented, cost effective means of assessing the integrity, locating weakened deteriorated, and determining the as-built details of concrete structures and elements. Nondestructive testing results are used to determine the condition and integrity of bridges, tunnels, pipelines, piles, drill shafts, tanks, parking garages and other concrete structures.

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